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NFT Screener

The NFT screener displays the currently most underpriced listings on OpenSea. Our machine learning models constantly estimate the current fair value of the items in tracked collections, which is compared to the listing price. More collections are constantly being added.

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The Stats table is a great tool to spot trending collections. We also provide custom metrics such as a fear and greed index (percent of items listed at a loss) and opportunity index (percent of items listed below estimated price). Create your personal collection Stats watchlist.

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Price Charts

Advanced price charts allow a better analysis of trends and make timing entries easier. Our TradingView integration allows for complex technical analysis and includes our custom indicators such as fear & greed, percent listed, active Discord member, etc.


Portfolio Tracker

Our portfolio tracker gives you an up-to-date value estimate of your NFT holdings (only for tracked collections). You can add several wallet addresses to your portfolio. Inclusion of untracked collections coming soon.

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