Listing a collection on NFT OnChained


This article will give you an overview of the benefits of listing a collection on NFT OnChained.

TLDR: We offer rarity calculation, price estimations using machine learning, visualizations of price history and custom collection statistics. The price of listing is 1500 USD. Link to listing page: Contact us here: [email protected]

Below we will go over the benefits in more detail:

1) Your collection is freely accessible, no membership required

Most collections we track are not fully publicly accessible and require a standard membership (pricing: 199 USD / quarter). If you chose to pay for a listing the benefit is that the page with your collection is freely accessible. An example:

2) Generous 30–50% discounts on our memberships for holders of your NFTs

We have a system that checks if a logged in user owns an NFT of a partner collection. If this is the case we apply a 50% discount on our standard membership in the first week after adding your collection and 30% after. This represents a big benefit for your community should they choose to buy a membership.

3) Up-to-date machine learning price estimates

Your collection will enter our machine learning pipeline and we will compute up-to-date price estimates for each NFT every couple hours. Brief explanation of how we estimate NFT prices: We use the trait data, sales data and other market data as input for our proprietary machine learning pipeline to estimate the current fair value of NFTs. Rarity alone is not a good indicator of the value of an NFT since certain traits can be very desirable for aesthetic or utility reasons. The model will learn these patterns.

4) Rarity scores for items and traits

We spent a lot of time analyzing ways to compute rarity. Comparing different approaches we chose the way that is most used in the industry at the moment.

5) Collection statistics

We track a lot of collection-level metrics such as number of sales, volume in ETH and USD, twitter and discord followers, % listed and our own custom Fear & greed index.

blog image

Example of collection statistics panel

6) Portfolio statistics (only for tracked collections)

Users with a standard membership can see the value of their NFT holdings of the collections we track.

7) Price floor curves for items and traits

A floor curve is a term we coined to describe a chart the shows the 50 cheapest listings in a bar chart. This is a great way to see if the floor is “steep” or not. We also have different coloring options that help collectors identify rare listings near floor e.g.

blog image

8) Historic collection price charts

We display historic prices in ETH and in USD. It can be viewed as a line chart or as a scatter chart.

blog image

Price history (line chart)

blog image

Price history (scatter chart)

9) Biggest holders

This chart shows the biggest holders of a collection and the estimated value of their holdings.

blog image

Besides the mentioned features, NFT OnChained comes with much more, e.g. an NFT screener to find underpriced items, market sentiment treemaps, and an NFT price quiz.