OnChained introduces TradingView Charts for NFTs

We are very happy to announce that we integrated TradingView charts for ETH-based NFTs on our platform NFT OnChained.

blog image

Chart for doodles with RSI indicator applied

USD charts

We also allow you to see the price history in terms of USD. I can be informative to look at both charts (e.g. doodles/ETH and doodles/USD) because they can look very different.

blog image

Doodles chart in USD

blog image

Doodles chart in ETH

Custom indicators

We integrated the following custom indicators which you can find in the indicator search field.

We compute the following collection-level metrics:

  • Fear and Greed

  • Owner distribution

  • Percent Listed

  • Percent staked

  • Number of sales

  • Twitter Followers

  • Discord members

  • Discord members active

blog image

Selecting a custom indicator

Saving your chart layout

You can save you custom chart layout by clicking on “Save” which is located top right in the chart.

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Saving a layout