Unique Features of NFT OnChained

This article describes the features that are unique to our platform. To the best of our knowledge no other site offers the features listed below.

1) NFT Screener

The NFT screener displays the currently most underpriced listings on OpenSea (more market places coming soon). Our machine learning models constantly estimate the current fair value of the items in the collections we track, which is compared to the listing price. More collections are constantly being added.

blog image

Screener showing most mispriced items according to our machine learning model

2) Floor Curve

The floor curve shows how many sales it takes to reach certain price floor levels. This chart can be used to assess how “thin” or “steep” the floor is.

blog image

Example of a Floor Curve

3) Sales History filters

We added a price filter to our sales history tab. This allows to quickly filter for high value sales e.g.

blog image

Example of the sales history of CyberKongz Babies filtered by price bigger than 20 ETH

4) Collection metrics

We compute the following collection-level metrics:

  • Fear and greed

  • Listed %

  • Owner Distribution

  • Sales 24h

  • Sales 7d

blog image

Collection metrics for Cyberkongz Babies

These metrics can also be seen in the Stats Table:

blog image

Stats table with collection metrics on the right

5) Portfolio Value Estimate

Since we estimate the current fair value of NFTs we can also estimate the value of the NFT holdings of an address. Other platforms just use the collection floor price to do this estimate.

blog image

Portfolio Tracker

6) TradingView Price Charts

We use the TradingView charting library to display the price history. We are also planning to add support for technical analysis tools.

blog image

Price Charts

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